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Celestial gambit, Luminous Legion - Release January 2024
Life is a game, a labyrinth of complexities and unforeseen twists. We often yearn for it to be a tale of good battling evil, but reality isn't as straightforward! Our world isn't a stark black-and-white chessboard.
Hey, dear friends! We're thrilled to unveil the first chapter of the epic clash between two clans! Brace yourselves for 'Celestial gambit, Luminous Legion' this January. However, whether their actions are adorned with noble intentions, that's for you to decide! Taking cues from chess, our heroes aren't just for gameplay but also for your amazing miniature painting!
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Macabre Masquerade - Release December 2023
In the sumptuous abode of the Shadowmere lineage, a grand masquerade is poised to unfold! The entire aristocracy of Raven's Hollow receives the coveted invitation, with glasses resounding and wine cascading like an unhindered stream!
Whence the Shadows derived their opulence remains a veiled enigma. Yet, opulence, like a sepulchral shroud, eclipses any murky vestiges. The Count and Countess, elusive as phantoms, seldom grace the gathering; instead, it is their progeny, a pampered scion harboring delusions of regal ascendancy.
Fortune and dominion cast a pall of mystery. None dare to pry into superfluous inquiries. Merriment reverberates through the corridors during the extravagant masquerades of the Shadowmere kin. Thespians, soothsayers, and other arcane personages hasten to regale the blithe revelers.
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City 451 - Release November 2023
In a gloomy Victorian town of Crowswatch, there resided a hapless wordsmith, a scribe of countless failures. His desperate pursuit of literary prowess led him to the precipice of despair, where he struck a sinister bargain, a pact with the devil to claim the elusive gift of talent. The transaction was made, and the boon of creativity granted. But, as the saying goes, "A quid pro quo for every favor."
Beyond the confines of his tortured soul, the unholy pact bestowed naught but agony, trepidation, and a deluge of woes. The malevolent characters he had penned into existence began to stir from their inked slumber, shattering the boundaries of fiction and unleashing chaos upon the hapless city. The writer's sanity crumbled, yet he resolved to amend the dire consequences, to safeguard his beloved amidst the burgeoning maelstrom.
In a last-ditch effort to stem the tide, the tormented author chose to immolate his works, fervently praying for a reprieve. His sacrificial flames engulfed not only his own tomes but entire bibliotheca, as darkness sought recompense for tampering with the boundaries of the soul and story.
Be careful with your wishes this November and welcome to “City 451”!
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Candy Crime - Release October 2023
This October is going to be dangerously sweet. Brace yourselves for "Candy Crime"! But here's a word of caution: Never, ever munch on a sugar house in the dark forest! ✨ Never! Your sweet tooth might just lead you into a sticky situation! Stay tuned for more delectable details.
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Cursed in Stone - Release September 2023
Get ready to embark on an autumnal journey through mysterious castles and their enigmatic secrets. We're thrilled to introduce you to the von Schloss family's curse, as well as their loyal servants and defenders! We sincerely hope you'll enjoy every bit of it!
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Song of the Forest - Release August 2023
This August we'll embark on a perilous adventure through the dangerous swampy woods of Khtaar.
So listen to the "Song of the Forest" and let it lead the way!
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Burning Chaos - Release July 2023
Attention, please! The ship is sailing in a few minutes. Your journey is about to start! Breathe in salt-rich air and watch the sun glittering on water. Listen to the rocking of the ship and creaking of the wood. Listen closely. That’s the sound of the waves crashing against the hull. But what is that low, guttural growl that seems to come from deep within the ocean? Something ancient and dreadful is calling out to you…
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Burning Chaos - Release June 2023
Welcome the place of pain and torment, a realm of endless suffering and despair, a land where the sinners are banished to atone for their sins. Once the soul of the wicked passes through the gates of eternity, there is no turning back. The air is thick with the smell of sulfur and brimstone, saturated with the stench of burning flesh. The sky is a deep shade of red, as if perpetually on fire. Buckle up and make yourself comfortable, this is just the beginning…
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